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Give Your Callers Personal Attention by Hiring Kolaxo Answering Service Professionals to Receive Call

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Kolaxo CCS is facilitating companies to develop personal connection with customer by eliminating software and chatbot. We are offering services of live human agents so that your customers can contact with them through telephone or any other communication medium. These agents are liable to answer customers query and develop personal bounding. We have modern telephone set for each employee. These are the latest phones with distinct features to hold customer, divert call, and attend multiple calls at a time. Considering these phone sets the basic feature of our business, we have invested huge amount of money to install the modern IP phone to ensure fast dialing and better quality of voice to every customer. Our employees don’t act as chatbot that only do that is being taught but they are creative. Their creativity helps business to find unique solutions to customers’ common problems. This also helps business to adopt creative way to attract customers and convince them to purchase. Our service is helping the businesses to build and grow stronger relationship with customer by providing ease to call anytime they want and getting the energetic response each time. This service is helping businesses to understand and reach more number of potential buyers by satisfying more number of customers and enjoy positive word of mouth.