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How To Write The Introduction Of A Thesis


The visiting card of any thesis is an introduction. It reflects all the depth and significance of the study. If it is absolutely pretentious to compare, it is the introduction that creates the first impression, which is why experts from write my papers recommend spending enough time on it.  It's good if it's positive. If not, it will take a lot of effort to be admitted to protection.


What should be the volume of the introduction of the thesis?


It all depends on the topic and direction. However, extremes in the form of two sentences or a 10-sheet poem are also unacceptable. It is recommended to place the introduction on 1.5 sheets of printed text, devote a maximum of 10 thousand characters to it. Of course, these are tentative figures. However, if all the elements of maintenance do not fit into the specified volume, although you are sure of their conciseness and brevity, exceeding the norm will not be a mistake, as with some help editing my paper you will be alright. The introduction should not be construed as a dry statement of facts. It is important to reflect the author's expert opinion, and even in such a small volume to show his individual approach.


What should the introduction include?


Thesis is always structured and the introduction is no exception. It must necessarily reflect all of the following parts:

  1. Description of relevance. This is the first place where the introduction begins. The author explains why he chose such a topic, what is its acuteness / significance / flaw / interest / usefulness (underline the necessary).
  2. Designation of goals and objectives. The goal is the planned result, and the task is the way to achieve it. Everything is simple, but for some reason it is in this question that students often get confused.
  3. Description of the object and subject. We go from general to specific. In this case, the object is global relations, phenomena, groups that are being investigated, the subject is specific, narrow questions. You might need to use in book report cheat site order to answer them. For example, macroeconomic indicators are an object, economic growth is a subject (one of the macroeconomic indicators).
  4. Enumeration of the methods used. Their range is very wide and depends on many factors, including the chosen scientific field. The author in his work can use analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction, modeling, interviewing, generalization, etc.
  5. Substantiation of scientific and practical significance. This is one of the most difficult parts of the introduction. The student must describe how the results of his work are able to influence the solution of any problem, supplement or update the theory, find practical application in production, etc. That is, this fragment is dedicated to the slogan - "everything was done for a reason."

Concretization of the scientific assumption. In other words, hypothesis. Here you need to gather all the will into a fist and succinctly state what is supposed to be obtained based on the results of the term paper. The main reference points are the phrases: “if ... then”, “possible on condition…”, “will become available if available…”, “will allow to provide…”, etc.


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