We are the “Canada” litter, cuz we came to TK around Canada Day!!!  Larry, Timbit, Lucy, Puck, Momo and the black blob that isn’t paying attention (of course), is Nellie Bean

The story of the Fuzzybums…

Commander Timbit
Commander Timbit

In May 2017, six little fuzzybums got borned to a feral mom in British Columbia.  Like all feral kittens, our odds of surviving were not very good.  And then the even more unthinkable happened – our mom went out one day and she never came home.  We were still tiny little babies, and we were hungry, scared and completely helpless.  We knew we couldn’t live very long, so we all pitched in.  Larry was in charge of saving and hiding food.  Pucky was in charge of watching to make sure no bad people or animals came and ated us.  Timbit comforted everybody when we were scared – especially Lucy and Nellie Bean.  Momo was the brains behind the operation.  We ate whatever we could find – grass and bugs and maybe even some rocks.  It was very scary.  And then Bean got hurted, and broked eight of her ribs.

Lieutenant Larry

But one day some nice people founded us.  We were dirty and messy, but they tooked us to Shelly at Tiny Kittens, and she gave us baths, and put some food in our bellies and gave us warm places to sleep.  She worked really really hard to save us, especially Nellie Bean, cuz she was hurted.  She put us on camera so people from all over the world could watch to see how we were doing and we did great!  Most important, she loved us and that was the best medicine of all!

Pretty soon we were growing and chubby and playing as much as possible.  And then we learned all about zoomies and naughty and escaping.  We also had our awesome grampa Mason who looked after us and taught us everything that we know our mom would have taught us if she hadn’t gotten dead.  It was a very fun time for us, and we had lots and lots of friends from all over the world who sent us toys.  Then one day Shelly packed up some tiny suitcases, and we came home to our new furever homes.  Four Fuzzybums came together to live with our mama and meowmy (Momo, Nellie, Larry and Timbit) and Lucy and Puck went to live with their awesome new meomy and pawpaw plus a human brother and sister!

Lieutenant Commander MoMo

We have had a fun time in our new house.  We have toys and lots of food and our own big bedroom.  We have places to nap and two humans who love us and spoil us.  Bean’s ribs are all healed now, and the vet can’t even see any sign that they were broked.  We love our new house, and mostly, we love being together all the time.  We are besties forever.

We are all really different and even though there are six of us, and are from the same litter, we think we have three different dads (go mom!)  One day on our facebook page, mama was telling people what each of us were doing, and she laughed at the end and said “who knows about Timbit, he’s probably off building a rocketship” (because you know, he can be a bit naughty).  And that was all the start of the Bitty Space Program.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Bean

Since then we have been working hard to build our spaceship, make travel plans, and test launch sites and opportunities.  Sometimes this doesn’t make our meowmies very happy, but they are getting used to us falling off things and knocking stuff over.

Come hang out with us as we explore the universe and if you are a cat like us, we’re recruiting!!!

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