Welcome to the Bitty Space Program Litte Shop of Awesomes!!!!

Here you will find stuffs that you can buy that is handmade by mama, or maybe even other mamas as we get stuff going. Fun? We think fun.

Here are the rules (subject to be modified when we realize we screwed up something).

FIRST THING – This is NOT moneymaking adventure for us.

  1. Come see what is on offer. If you want to, you can bid on stuff.
  2. For some things, even if you have no money, then you can put in a super low bid (like even $0) and then you send an email to and you say to us that you have no money, but you really really really really love something and here is why you think it would be good to have it and how you will pay back to the universe someday if you gets it (mama is a sucker for a good story of resilience, so don’t be shy).
  3. Mama will include an amount as ‘lowest’ bid if there is need to make some money back for materials (e.g., if you bid on a big old queen size blanket, she will probably make sure that $50 is used to pay half of yarn or something). Anything over that will go to charity.
  4. Winning bidder is highest or person mama feels most deserving (because not all people have money).
  5. We ship. No charge.

If you are creative and want to auction stuff on here, let us know at