Crew Puzzles

Our very awesome TinyKittens internet community has a few people who make puzzles from pictures of us.  How cool is that?

Here are some of the puzzles people have made about the Bitty Space Crew! If you aren’t sure who’s who, you can always hover over the picture for a pop-up!

Lounging LarryKitten PacifierSweet Scamp, TimbitlittleboysweetumsBeanBunnyBeanfaceMomoLickTimbits - eternal curiosityFuzzy Snuggle BumsChillin'Princess BeanRegal pose by LarryGrumpy-faced, fever-coated BeanBean Bunny Thinking About Trying Grampa's Special FoodOh noes, Momo Lost her Neck!Larry Ready for his CloseupMomo Gets a Cookie?Lucy Blue EyesPuck and Lucy Laughing