Keigo Reports on Space Program Stats

Hello Commander,

I’m sending my report with statistics on Bitty Space Program! I told my meowmy/secretary to put some graphics and colors, so I’m attaching the file (PDF and DOC).

Let me know if everything is ok.


Click here to read Keigo’s report

To read more about Keigo, check out his bio…



  1. Hi ya there Comm. Timmy, it’s me here Jessicat from Ostraya, l thinks my crew no. Is 29. I am weally sad cause my old step sis Xena she plied for crew to help me work at big Dish, We’s been doing lotsa stuff but Xeeny fills reely left out and has no space no. like me, she gets cranky at me lots of times, cause l think she jellus. Can you ask space staff to do her space crew no. Over and out Jessicat.

    1. Hi Jessicat… Oh noes! Please tell Xena that it’s cuz… humans! Yes, we put your application on top of pile when mama not looking so she do it next.

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