Mama might be ‘way, but we working hard

Dear Space Adventurers,
We very busy processing more applications for Bitty Space Program, and anticipate posting a whole bunch by end of weekend.  Mama going away again for the work (a whole week), and she says on flight she will do all the rests, so everyone will hear super soon.  We don’t really understand why anyone goes on a big long flight for the work when they could stay and play with us, but she seems to think she has to fly away.  Good thing this time meowmy staying with us, so we going to have loads of fun and Lar won’t get scared.
Meanwhile, we wanted to remind current space crew that we would like to post more videos and pictures of the training you are doing at home. Don’t forget to send anything you gots to!
Nellie Bean has been working with Mousey on a personal training program, because she gots to get in shape to fit in pretty pink spacesuit. Lar is not following advice Momo giving him on how to get in shape, and why it important to be able to fit into spacesuit. We think maybe we sew two spacesuits together for him. Momo is also very busy planning and learning how to communicate louder and more often. Mama says that  clearly now she is one whole year old, Momo no longer has cute little kitten voice. She doesn’t have to tell us.  We know.  Momo screams all the time.
We promise many updates. Mama says she will do lots of web stuff on the road cuz this trip isn’t about fun!
Stay tuned – much more to come.
Commander Timbit


  1. I have a SHINY mechanic, tops at figuring out mechanics and super fast, flexible and holds HER own in any fight no matter how tiny she is!

    1. Did she apply to space program? we need more mechanics and less Beans… I mean divas!

  2. My cat likes to do lots of training roll-ups. Gotta get in shape, and then make biscuits, and then take a power nap, and then bug the older cat, and then beg for food, and then take another power nap…

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