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Smell the fragrance and know the ghost

She went downstairs to the restaurant and saw that her pipe cantilever rack

 mother-in-law was already sitting there eating Xiaoyu was furious Pointing at Ming's mother-in-law she scolded "What are you I've cooked a meal but my wife hasn't eaten yet I'll feed you a stray dog first" Ming's mother-in-law also ignored her and continued to eat on her own Xiaoyu was so angry that she grabbed her mother-in-law's rice bowl and shouted "Eat eat eat I told you to eat" I'd rather give this meal to a serious beggar than to a pretentious one like you Granny Ming sneered "What are you when I don't know" My wife eats more salt than you eat tea and rice You look at Mr Mu like a hook Do you really think everyone else is a fool

A mouthful of my Mu Xi remember that it is your Miss Mu Xi his ass shit still has the face to say others Xiaoyu was stunned she had never thought that her hidden feelings could be seen through at a glance by an old woman who had only been at Mu's house for a few days and then she was deeply afraid that since Grandma Ming could see it so Mr so Mrs God I thought my mind was never known but maybe it was seen clearly by everyone Xiaoyu covered her face with her hands and felt ashamed Granny Ming got up and walked away with a sneer Xiaoyu covered her hot face for a long time and when she saw the food on the table she suddenly came to her senses I've Cantilever Storage rack

 been in the Mu family for so many years but I was scared like this by that dead old woman It's really a shame No I want to get even with her Xiaoyu looked at the food on the table that had been eaten by her mother-in-law and the more she looked at it the more angry she became She went to the backyard in a huff She was about to go to the backyard but when she saw her mother-in-law coming out far away Xiaoyu hurriedly hid aside to see what she was going to do Ming's mother-in-law went out with a small bundle Xiaoyu's heart said "Well while no one is at home today I don't know what to steal I'll follow you and see what tricks you can play" Xiaoyu followed quietly all the way only to see Granny Ming come out of Mu's house and wave to a rickshaw Xiaoyu followed and when she saw a rickshaw coming she stopped and said "Keep up with the car in front of you" Ming's mother-in-law got off the bus near

Longhua Temple Xiao Yuxin said that she had come to burn incense and worship Buddha I'll see what medicine you're selling in your gourd After entering the Longhua Temple Granny Ming first went to the Main Hall to burn incense Xiaoyu was far away and she also heard bursts of Sanskrit singing coming from the main hall It seemed that a ceremony was being held inside which soon attracted many pilgrims around the door Hiding in the crowd Xiaoyu saw her mother-in-law go to the master in front of the hall say a few words then take out the money and offer it with both hands The master nodded wrote a few words on a piece of cardboard with a pen and then asked a young monk to take the cardboard into the hall Ming mother-in-law stood in the doorway looking inside reached out and wiped her eyes twice then came out with a bundle under her arm looking back as she walked very reluctant to give up When Granny Ming was far away Xiaoyu squeezed in and said "Master what was that old woman doing here just now" The monk was sitting in the doorway with pen ink paper and inkstone on the table in front of him Hearing this he squinted at Xiaoyu and knocked on the table "If you want to write the memorial tablet bring the money Narrow aisle rack  Don't stand in the way of others here" Xiaoyu rolled her eyes and said "Oh you are such a powerful monk forcing people to ask for money" I just want to know whose name the old woman wrote just now The monk was also very angry "I am here to write a memorial tablet for the ceremony If you don't write it don't interfere with others Go go go" He pushed Xiaoyu to the bottom of the steps with a big hand Xiaoyu shouted angrily "Little Red Guy your conscience has been eaten by the dog" She walked out of the Longhua Temple in a huff and by this time the mother-in-law had already disappeared Xiaoyu walked back gloomily thinking that she didn't know who the dead old woman was writing the memorial tablet for and that something was wrong when she looked at it furtively Xiaoyu walked for a while and passed by a forest Suddenly a hoarse voice came from inside "Are you tired after following me all the way" Xiaoyu turned pale with fright It turned out that she had already been seen by her mother-in-law She forced herself to be calm and said "What shameful things have you done that you are afraid of being seen by others" Granny Ming said with a smile "Come here and I'll tell you what's written on the memorial tablet"

” Xiaoyu said to herself "I'm a young man but I'm still afraid of you old woman Just go over there" Xiaoyu approached the woods Granny Ming waved to her Xiaoyu asked "What are you" Xiaoyu opened her mouth wide and stared round without making any sound A dagger plunged into her abdomen Granny Ming stared into her eyes and sneered "You really have too many things to do Why don't you return the photo to me earlier" Xiaoyu looked at Granny Ming in disbelief She regretted why she had to take the photo But it was too late She fell to the ground feeling blood flowing out Her body was getting colder and colder and her brain was wooden She kicked her with one foot and then stepped away

Fortunately today was Saturday and Su San and Yu Fu spent the whole morning talking to Mr Mu Mu Xi sat quietly with Mu Qing At this time Su Sanxian in fact Mu Xi and Mu Qing do not look very consistent It's just that the general outline is very similar and at first it feels very similar because the clothes they wear are all the same In the morning Mr Mu also realized his mistake and apologized to his daughter promising that he would be pleasant and not angry with her in the future Mu Xi pouted and said "Dad if you admit your mistake I will also admit my mistake I shouldn't not say hello to the guests but what about Mom" She pinched me so hard I told you she was really not my mother Mother used to love me more and treat me better but now she treats her sister better than she treats me Mu Xi said this and realized that it was not very pleasant to hear She looked at Mu Qing hurriedly and said "Sister I didn't mean that I was" Kiyoshi made a shush gesture then shook his head and smiled indicating that he didn't care Mr Mu also understood what Mu Xi meant Mu Qing was introverted and could not speak Mrs Mu used to be very cold to her but she spoiled Mu Xi to heaven but now it has become like this No wonder Mu Xi has ideas Mr Mu thought could it be that the ripples already knew the life experience of Mu Xi What should I do 


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