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Strange horror

"His Royal Highness" Please take the order! gold CIP machine

 Then Shaoqing opened the silk in his hand and began to read it out Fengtian Chengyun the emperor's imperial edict When Shaoqing read out the imperial edict announced the prince's "crime" and the order to execute him on the spot everyone present was shocked Especially the prince His whole person collapsed on the ground how can not believe that what Shaoqing said is true He thought that the imperial edict would at most deprive him of the crown prince but To kill him I want to see my father! Are you kidding me That I want the throne I am the prince! Why would I do that Shaoqing there must be a mistake! Someone set me up! I'm sorry Your Highness this is an imperial edict Please accept the order At this time seize the prince's bodyguards because the content of the imperial edict is too amazing for a while did not grasp the prince Just then the prince suddenly grabbed the knife on the ground and rushed to Shaoqing Qidian Chinese Network wwwqidiancom welcomes friends to visit and read the latest fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter 9 Seven Evil Ghosts (2) Updated August 1 2009 230245 Words 3277 The emperor entered the secret passage he had placed in the imperial study He carried an oil lamp down an old flight of steps This is a winding staircase leading to the underground about ten meters below Somehow he suddenly thought of going there to have a look today He was the only one in the palace who knew about the secret passage The craftsmen who had helped him design the secret passage later gave them hush money and went far away from the capital Because the project was carried out underground no one found it Of course it is impossible to leave no trace At least Shaoqing noticed it chrome washing machine

 but what if he did The flame of the oil lamp somehow grew fainter and fainter

This is because the underground oxygen is not enough but at the moment the emperor has some palpitations He has given the order to kill the prince He still remembers when he was about ten years old At that time he had just been made crown prince The late emperors founded the country by force and believed that the next generation of emperors should govern the country by virtue When the late emperor made himself crown prince many of the founding courtiers opposed the decision of the late emperor Many people think that their origin is too strange His mother Concubine Huang was not a favorite concubine of the late emperor The late emperor was only lucky to visit her once and conceived herself But on the day he was born an unimaginable tragedy happened in Luoying Pavilion Born with a strange purple pupil different from ordinary people many people regard themselves as evil But the late emperor was very important to himself When I was very young I often looked at myself and taught myself to read and read and asked the teachers of martial arts and riding and shooting to teach me Carbon in Pulp  So the courtiers worried very early that they would become crown princes One night that year He "Don't come over!" The prince put his dagger on Shaoqing's neck and shouted at the soldiers and guards who had surrounded him "No one no one!" While doing so he whispered in Shaoqing's ear "I'm sorry" Shaoqing I really can't help it now The prince didn't want to be given death by his father for no reason The only thing that can solve all the mysteries is the Luoying Pavilion in front of us Move out of my way! I want to go to Luoying Pavilion! If anyone dares to stop me I will kill Yi Shangshu! Everyone's face was ashen and they couldn't believe their eyes at the shocking scene The prince seemed to be mad and there was no guarantee that he would do anything Seeing that no one was moving Shaoqing frowned and said "Are you all deaf" Get out of the way Do you want me to die He decided Since the prince must die then at least let him see with his own eyes the truth of Luoying Pavilion When the guards heard what Shaoqing had said they finally got out of the way

Throw over the key to the gate of Luoying Pavilion! Hurry up The head of the bodyguard hesitated untied the key and threw it to the prince With quick eyes and quick hands the prince stretched out his left hand to take the key Then he took Shaoqing hostage and walked step by step toward Luoying Pavilion The guards did not dare to stop him again and the prince came to the door of Luoying Pavilion smoothly He handed the key to Shaoqing and said "Open the door!" On the gate of Luoying Pavilion the rusty iron lock opened with a "click"! When the prince entered the gate the guards and soldiers all stood like sculptures in the doorway No one dares to chase in It is a felony to enter

Luoying Pavilion and even the royal relatives are not immune Unless there is a jade tablet specially issued by the emperor it can only be accessed Everyone knows the decisive character of the emperor When the late emperor died and the emperor ascended the throne the first thing he did was to use various means to kill the ministers who had opposed the late emperor's making himself crown prince without leaving any survivors Hurry up Go and inform the emperor! Something big is going to happen! Luoying Pavilion a very simple residence is not a very gorgeous bedroom This is also because Huang Fei Empress was not particularly favored by the late emperor and was only lucky once Over the years the place has looked run down There is only a table and a few chairs and a screen in the whole room At least the outer hall is but it's basically clean it seems Someone has been cleaning here I'm sorry Shaoqing The prince put down his dagger and said "Come on take me there" I want to know what kind of secret is hidden in Luoying Pavilion You were ordered by your father to read the imperial edict I don't blame you But Why did the father do that Shaoqing was silent for a long time Looking at the prince's urgent eyes he sighed and said "Why" And so will you "What did you say" At this point there is no point in hiding it from you There's something I can tell you 。 


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