Post-Crash Evaluation

Dear earthlings,

Many of you have asked about the status of the BittySpace Program after the unfortunate incident during test launch last week. I, Captain Crash, (aka AstroBit Timnaut), would like to provide an update.

To infinity and beyond!!!!

During launch, my rocketship suffered almost complete and total system failure. This means I gotta go back to the drawing board with my Astrophysicist Design Partner MoMo, my Chief Grunt Lar, and my Design and Colour Coordinator Nellie, and redevelop rocketship from scratch.

As well, humans have thwarted the launchpad, which is now completely inaccessible and fenced in in “No Cat’s Land”. As a result, we are testing potential launch platforms in different parts of the house. This needs to be done with great stealth and secrecy as humans are not particularly appreciative of these efforts. Unfortunately for us, the new launch pad possibilities have significant height restrictions when compared to our original plan.

Rest assured, we at the Bitty Space Program are never defeated and will continue in the spirit of adventure and resilience. Thank you for your support, Commander Timbit and the Bitty Space Crew.

Crewcat Momo and I discussing new launch pad opportunities.

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