Andrew’s Waiting for his Spaceship to be Recommissioned

Hi Commander and Crew,

That jet thing brought my meowmy home after 5 long sleepz. When her got home my slave dog Kory was having trouble. Her had to call those people that wears those white coats. Kory haz what him telled me heart problemz. His doctor added more nasty stuff that meowmy has to put in his food. Her letz me check the doggy food and it has white and brown things that lookz wrong in it. Yep me haz tried his food before as he has the wet gooshy kind in it. I tell him not to fall for meowmy’s trick but you all knowz doggys not smart like us cats.

Meowmy won’t let us play or train with our training space ship out side. Her had to take him to see the doctor in it yesterday but won’t let me go. Her said he haz to go by himself. BUT THAT IS MY SPACESHIP. I was an angel while meowmy was gone and we got new stuff. Not as good as what Sweetum and Bean Bunny getz but we gotz stuff.

While meowmy was gone my, what meowny says is herpes virus, acted up. I have to start on those things I told my meowmy to take to stay healfy on that jet. I have had it because I from a many cat house and meowmy said I almost died as a baby kitten. Glad I didn’t.

The picture is me trying a winter protection for space ship. I was like this when my meowmy found me when her got home.


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