Bitty Space Program Update, from Commander Timbit

This is our queeeeeest
To follow that staaaaaar
No matter how hooooopeless
No matter how faaaaar!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys!

Time for update on the Bitty Space Program!  So much going on, but also a lot of behind the scenes work.

First of all though, we way behind, which is 120% Mama’s fault.  Not that we need her to run the program (humans are not very smart), but we don’t type very good.  So first she and meowmy BOTH went away to the Quebec and left us at home (how rude!)  And then she went away again to visit the Prime Minister.  And then she came home and gotted sick and has been coughing and stuff.

Also, second reason Mama not smart is that she didn’t realize how many applicants there would be for space program.  I LOVE THIS!  We have had more than 200 applications.  You see, we kitties really do plan to take over the universe and stomp on all your faces (lovingly).  So she is working through them faster now that she feels better.  Me and Momo read them all carefully to assign appropriate work.  Don’t believe Bean when she says she helping – mostly she just naps and then takes all the credit.

We are in process of figuring out new Bitty Space Program bling!  Very exciting and we hope that maybe we can use it to fundraise for TK.  Stay tuned.  Shirts, bags, mugs – who knows!  We also considering crew apparel, only for official crew!

Spaceship development is proceeding.  We waiting for our catio (this weekend maybe), because then we can more confidently examine potential launchpad without having to figure out how to exit through roof.  Mama has said that she will be very mad if we put big hole in roof.  Sigh.  Humans also have no understanding of priorities.

If you are crew member, send us pictures and stories of what you’re doing and we can post them on website!  It’s fun to see what everyone is doing.  And if you applied and haven’t heard, we hope that everybody will have letters by end of weekend.  And then we can think about next awesome and amazing thing we going to do on website.

To the MOON!!!!!

Commander Timbit


  1. I know! Mama so slow!!!!!!!!!! This weekend! It will happen. Or I will have words with Mama.

  2. Sounds wonderful Timbit, my Mila and her siblings are awaiting also, and don’t be too rough on your mama, she has not been feeling well and even kitties have to slow down when they are not feeling their best. Love you guys and look forward to hearing about my babies applications so they will stop asking.

  3. Iz Princess Lily and haz been practicing speaking Alien for future space endeavours! Luv that you haz so many applications! I hope you accept me!!

  4. Riska and Meowmy were reading yesterday about how when Sally Ride was going to be the first female in space, NASA engineers asked her if 100 tampons would be enough for a 7-day trip. Riska doesn’t know what a tampon is but Meowmy laughed very hard so it must be more proof that cats, not men, should be running space exploration.

  5. oh hai~iz Doe! ai haz been practising sneaking up on mai sisfurs in case we come across any aliens in our travels! i hope you pick me!! mai paws are crossed!!

  6. Hi Commander Timbit, hopefully soon to be part of the program, my mummy is Aunty Marg from Australia, me and big sis, have offered to man that big Dish used in the that man in moon landing in the olden days. You can ask Mama and Meowmy to use that goggle thing to find finds out bout it. We are doing lots of studies in ground control, like Major Tom did, hope Mama is betterer, she must be important human to meet a prime minister. See ya Bits

  7. Lily asked/demanded that I check in on her application. As a senior citizen, she can’t wait forever (she says). Also, she will not need a litter box as she thinks that is beneath her so more room in the spaceship! Thanks all!

    1. Lily application is done. Mama is just helping me send out some IDs and letters. Lily’s will be in this bunch (so tonight for sure!) Although…. wait… maybe she wrong Lily? Where are you from? Email and name don’t match. Maybe email me at so we can sort out and make sure. I only have one application for Lily I think????

  8. Goodness! More than 200 applications and you’re going to finish posting this weekend? You are very energetic, Timmy. I’m sure Momo is a slave driver.

  9. My Judy is pretty excited, she can’t stop talking about when she gets her acceptance letter, while Luna keeps on bragging about already being in. 😛

    1. Oh dear! We were trying to keep siblings together to prevent all out war. 🙂

  10. My Oreo and my Vendetta keep asking me when they’ll get their acceptance letter. I keep telling them soon. I don’t think they believe me. LOL

  11. Biscuit says she is waiting patiently, since SOMEBODY filled out her application so late. I told her I was sad about her sissy for the last month, but she thinks her sissy Clementine has ALREADY gone to outer space. Anyway, she says I forgot to tell about her champion biscuit making skills, which is why she thinks her previous person named her Biscuit. And I did forget, so am telling you now.

    1. We have a plan (after we get our crew sorted) to have a section on the website for our kitty friends and siblings who have gone before. Maybe they be waiting as space traffic controllers. So sometime in future, Clementine can be on site too. We have Biscuit’s but it is still down in the pile a bit and we are trying to be super fair by going in order of received. (Mama says she might take bribe, but I am above all that). Timbit

      1. We’re in no hurry, she’s just a pest. Shhh, don’t tell her I said that. She’s not in the room right now, so is not snoopervising my typing…..

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