Don’t Worry – Real Momo Didn’t Crash

In case you guys worried, we thought we should update on the situation happening today in Space Travel.  MOMO-2 blowed up on takeoff this morning.  Very worrisome, but want to reassure you that the real Momo is right here training in the Space Bowl.


However, it reminds us that we need to be very careful and smarter than humans when it comes to building spaceship.  We have no doubt we can do better job, but always good to ponder a cautionary tail.

That said, some really cool pictures from the ‘xplosion.  Don’t worry, we not gonna do this.

Also, no humans or cats were on this, so just a big waste of money, which probably they have more than they need anyhows.

If you wants to watch video and read about it, click THIS.


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