Sage Fights Authority with Sad Eyes

Dear Commander Timbit and other members of Bitty Space Program:

I have to report that I am a little bummed right now.  I thought it would be way cool to have a vest made with Bitty Space Program logo on it, reflecting my self-determined position as Lead Flight Director in Mission Control, like that Gene Kranz guy in Apollo 13.  He say, “Failure is not an option,” and I say this all the time to the moms when I need noms.  But the mom what sews says there is a “more a tore ium “ on sewing right now and I has to wait until October.  October!!!!  Sigh.

If spaceship is ready for launch before October I going to be pretty unhappy to not have my special vest.  I will do sad eyes and other pathetic ploys in meantime to see if I can move up delivery time.

Yours in Space,  Sage.


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