Finny’s Formal Space Fotoshoot

Dear Commander Timbit,

I am so honoured and excited to be the Director of Health Services for the Bitty Space Program!! Thank you to you and the Fuzzy Bums crew and their hardworking hoomins, including new member Aunt Julie, for accepting my application. I love my official ID and mama said she’d hang it up for me in my practice space module!Finneas - To the sky

I told mama we had to take brand new, space themed portraits.  Here you can see me in my practice space module and also gazing at the stars.  We also made a funny photo (well, my other mama Misha said it was funny) – our apologies to NASA and Astronaut Armstrong.

My sisfurs Chloe and Amelia are very jealous of me me. I told them that I’m usually last for stuff because I’m the youngest but they didn’t care. They also didn’t like me saying that I’m the cutest so mana submitted my application first.  I told them to bug mamas to do their applications.

Finneas - SpacecatThanks again and I’m looking forward to our work together!

Yours in partnership,

PS: My mana says that sometimes pawrents have to be slow because of other life stuffs. I think she wrong but she tells your mama she understands. She is giving Prague a bit hello for her.

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