Itty Bitty Groovy Spaceship!

Greetings Handsome Commander!

I’m so excited to be chosen as the Chief Decorator for the Bitty Space Program!  I had mamaz send a note before, but the pic didn’t come through (hoomins aren’t as smart as we are…), but here she is congratulating me!  I’z very busy planning décor for spaceship and practicing rearranging stuffs!

Mamaz has been very busy, but took some time to type this up for me because my feets is just tooo bigs for those tiny keys on the compooter!  So happy to sees the other crew memberz too and can’t wait for crew uniform!  I do need a big size though… I’z gotten not so bitty since my kittehen days!

Mamaz brought home a new baby brudder for us and after getting to know him for the past couple of weeks, we kittehs decided that he can stay.  Hiz name is Pavarotti, because mamaz said he can sings louder than any kitteh she ever knowed!  He just got nootered, so now he can sings soprano too!  He’z quite the entertainer and I told him about our space program.  I encouraged him to apply for an Entertainment and Gaming Director position!  Mamaz helped him type it up.  He’z been very busy creating new games and singing!  Sometimes he helps me decorates too.

Mamaz sez this program a great way for kittehs to be creative, though I thought my decorating was enoughs!  Its nice to have other crew memberz to get to know.  Can’t wait to take over space!

More soon,


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