Itz Me Birfday – Andrew

Commander and Crew

Iz me 5 birfday today but me no feel 5. Me meowmy gotz me sumfing her seen you play whif and her put it down on Space Slave dogs 9th birfday. Him birfday was yast Monday. Mez was not sure if itz was safe to play wif. I watched myz big brufer play wif the ball. Him not afraid of it. Him be test piolet of Space Bowl. Today meowmy puted my favorite cookies in it and her put mez in it. I eated the cookies wif no trouble but mez was stuck in scary oh fancy fing. Me finded a ball and me playeded wif it. My meowmy moveded wif me in it and me no scary oh coushhed of it. Yep me flewed in the Space Bowl. Me made save landing on floor but mez pretended it was water oh kitty nip patch. Me siteded in it so me bruder couldn’t play wif ball. Me taked the Space Slave dog out to check our area for those birdies and quarrls thad getz in me area. When him comes in we getz birfday treat. I woved me cookies. My meowmy even got my TKU banket in picher too.


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