Mama is a LUDDITE

That is picture of me, having to get revived by mama after falling down dead in boredom because mama is taking FOR-EV-ER to figure out how to fix my site.

She can’t exactly figure out how to get new auctionpart of the site working, which is really stupid because we have STUFF TO PUT ON THERE. A blankie, some shawls, stockings. And you know, if we can’t post the Christmas stocking auction soon mama will have to make Easter stockings, and THOSE ARE NOT A THING.

She says she is going to figure it all out once and for all this weekend. I frownie face her.

I will be over here napping. If any of my space team has computer skills and wants to save the last of mama’s hair from being pulled out, you should send her or me a note.

Timbit, Commander of all things space, except mama. She is fully responsible for her own failings.

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  1. I might be able to help though my computer skills aren’t amazing. They’re decent though. Unfortunately, we’re visiting the in-laws this weekend so I won’t be online much this weekend.

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