Mama! Mama is typing words onto our BITTY SPACE PROGRAM page!!!!!!! What does this mean? What is happening?

I have been telling her for months and months and months that she is not holding up her end of the bargain. While me and my team continue to train and prepare, she is not updating our support crew of humans, and that is just not acceptable.

We had a talk last week about a few things. One is that we believe if Fuzzy Bums are helping to build stuff in crochet and all, we should be able to reap some of the rewards. So we have agreed we will consider partnering with mama to put some of the stuff she makes in a sort of ‘store’ kind of area. But not a normal store, because sometimes people don’t have money. So store will have rules like this (haven’t finalized yet, but you get idea):

  • Can bid money on item and highest bid will be accepted. Most money will go to charity, small amount will be used to pay for materials. Item will be sent to you.
  • Can bid money on item. Most money will go to charity, small amount will be used to pay for materials. You then agree with mama that item also gets donated (so for instance, you might pay for hat and money goes to charity, but then hat also goes to homeless person).
  • Can bid 0$ on any item and tell mama (anonymously) that you don’t gots no money right now, but you love item and she will consider sending it to you because she mostly nice.
  • Can bid money on any item and ‘donate item’ to someone else in Bitty Community. Fun right? I like luca and blizzardbutt for instance. Maybe I buy some Christmas stockings and send them to them? Who knows! SURPRISE!!!!!

We haven’t figured out the best system to use or all the details yet, so stay tuned and you will see stuffs appear in the next few weeks. Mama makes a lot of stuff so already right now there is inventory like Christmas stockings, blankies, hats, mitts, scarfs, shawls, toys, baby clothings, pillow case, washclothes! Lots of silly stuff.

Ok good?

All people who buy or get stuff will get their own Bitty Space Program support team documentation and be part of our ground crew.

Ok! Fun. Also mama says this stuffs aside, more important she will return to posting Bitty Space Program news and info. Crew members! CHECK IN! Tell us what you working on and we will post it. And if there’s kitties who want to join and didn’t get a card, email me and we are ON IT.

Mama says very sorry for delay. She also says to auntie Julie, not to worry, your blanket won’t go for sale.


Commander Timbit


      1. It will be back. Hopefully today. Mama is just cleaning out all the spam and fake people, and putting on some stronger spam protection and stuffs like that.

      2. It’s back and hopefully I didn’t delete anything I shouldn’t! If so, resign up. There were about 85000 stinky users who aren’t real trying to sell Viagra and about 4000 posts that were similar. So it definitely needed some tidying. Have upped the security features a bit and now we will hope!

  1. How wonderful to see Commander Timbit back at the helm.  It is, however, with the heaviest of hearts that I must report the loss of crew member, and Chief Decorator, Itty Bitty Groovy Kitty.  She went on ahead of the crew, far too soon on July 21st, after a brief battle with cancer.  She was only 8 years old. I miss my sweet Bitty Bear more than words can say, but the crew should know that she will be watching over them in their endeavors.  And, should the crew ever get to Space, she will be that brightest of stars in the sky, watching over them there too.  

         Sweet Bitty Bear got a new baby brother not long after she became Chief Decorator, and convinced him to apply to the Bitty Space Program.  His name is Pavarotti, though he goes by Pavi, and his application for position of Gaming Director was sent long ago.  Perhaps it can be found again, and he can be considered for a crew position, in honor of his big sister  💖 Again, it is good to see the Commander up for new adventures.

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    1. We will looks for it. And we are going to put in a space for “In memorium” for crew members who are going to be our angel flyers. We will include Itty Bitty Groovy Kitty. And we are very very sorry for your loss.

      1. Thank you. Angel Flyers is a lovely idea! And so is the new endeavor! Count us in!

      2. Hello, I sent a copy of Pavarotti’s application, from 2018, along with an updated picture of him, and one of him with his big sis, Itty Bitty Groovy Kitty. I used the email bittyspaceprogram@gmail.com, which is at the bottom of the application. Is that still a valid email address? Thank you.

      3. It is – we haven’t quite gotten there yet (to the unfinished apps), but mama and momo are on it and working hard cleaning the site up. Mama is in trouble for neglect of website!) Please tell Pavarotti that we are going to get to it as soon as we can 🙂

  2. Love it! Such a great idea and so lovely to see an update! Finny and I are looking forward to the store. 🙂

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