Potential Recruits working with Monkey Business and Yoda????

Breaking Mews Commander Timbit!

Our Meowmys adopted two more kittens from a rescue foster lady!  Monkey and I thinks they will be great candidates for the bitty space program!  We are still getting to know them and figuring out their role in the program.

Kody settled in right away – literally as soon as he got out of his carrier he was like hey cool place new buddies!  Nicky however was very skittish and hid under my Mommas bed for a week and a half….coming out at night to play with us. Happily he has emerged and has become comfortable!  At first Momma was concerned he wasn’t happy but kept talking to him and scratching him under the bed.  He finally realized the humans were in fact NOT going to hurt him and is an absolute doll….Mommas words.

We luvs playing with them and are already besties!  I like playing….for a bit and then Monkey keeps them occupied while I catch up on my sleeps…Monkey was exhausting me but now he has playmates…Meomys plan worked!

We’ve been preoccupied with the newbies so we have been remiss in testing simulation stuff…..we’ll get back on that!

Yoda and Monkey

Dis is Kody on the left and Nicky on the right!  Nicky is 7-1/2 months old floofmeister and Kody is a 15 week old tiny grey bundle of energy!  Picture at top is Monkey and Kody having a cute nap together!

To learn more about Monkey and Yoda, check out their bios (note, so far, Nicky and Kody aren’t in the Space Program, but we think they will be soon!)



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