Join the Bitty Space Program!

We are recruiting for Bitty Space Crew members!  Get your human sponsor to download the application, help you fill it out and then email it to  You do not have to be from TinyKittens to apply (unless you’re Henry the doggie, we think he’s cool…)  You also don’t need to have a website or facebook page.

Click on the picture of the application form below to fill out yours in word, or go to our online application form.  Successful candidates will:

  • get their very own personal Security ID (Like Bean)
  • have the option of us posting their application so people know why they got picked
  • be listed on our crew page
  • have opportunities to provide updates to human fans about their Bitty Space Program related activities
  • get other benefits we haven’t thought of yet



    1. Not at all! You can apply even if you don’t have a digital footprint. For anyone having trouble with the application form, we’ll put in an alternative (same questions) later today!

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