Ricochet Reminder – Get Approval Before You Change Stuff!

There as much dismay and woe here in Tennessee recently! MomT…. took away our pole tower!  *gasp*

I heard the commotion and immediately began the investigation. My by-the-bookcase tower was in pieces on the floor. How was I suppose to get to my favorite high perch? I heard her say something about “shredded” and “unstable”. It took us a long time to get that carpet covering nice and stringy!

My protests gained nothing. The tower pieces were taken away. Who knows what plans she has for my beloved pole. I went out to the porch to nap away my grief in the sun.
When suppertime arrived I decided to go back in. Maybe we would get something special to make up for the loss. Nope, just regular noms.  Afterward I stalked into the library room to mourn my loss but was shocked to see Alti on A TOWER next to the bookcase! A closer inspection proved it to be the tower from the living room! Why was it there? What in the name of Bast was going on?

I raced to the living room to find…. a new tower! Whaaatt?!? No way! I guess MomT was just moving stuff to give us something new! Doesn’t she know that she has to file plans with us before doing major moves like this? At least I got to claim the new tower before Alti or Max though!

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