Welcome New Crew Members!

Hi everybody!

Please join us in welcoming new crew members to the team!  We have had a bazillion, qazillion, megabilltrillzilton applications and we are going through all of them carefully to select best possible roles.  Be patient as the Bitty Space Crew is working overtime and we need mama’s  help to get everything done on the administrative side.

Today we have approved six new members of the crew – you should go read some of their funny applications on our Crew Bios page or click on the link below!

Master Chief Petty Officer LB

Lieutenant Rebel

Flight Engineer Sidney

Payload Specialist Zeeta

Scientist Catmonaut Giorgia

Lieutenant Her Royal Street Cat Highness Princess of Harlem NY


    1. Hi Sidney! We are very happy to have you on board (well we aren’t on board yet… but planning to be on board when we get on board). I confused. Yay Crew Member! xo Timbit

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