Itty Bitty Groovy Kitty Checking out Potential New Recruit!

Dear Commander Timbit,

This is Itty Bitty Groovy Kitty with an update. Hope all is well at HQ.  Mamaz said she hasn’t seen any emails in a while, but every one needs a break from work!

While I continues to refine my decorating techniques, I needed a break too, so I was watching the compooter with mamaz.  I saw dez kittehs on a site called “Tiny Kittens.”  I believe you are familiar wif the site!  Mamaz watches dem all the time, so I took a closer look.  I’m happy to report that I believe there may be future catstronauts in dis group!  I tried to sends dem a message, but my feets too big, as usual, so I sent a video for your review!

Itty Bitty Groovy Kitty

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