New Crew and Staff! We Got it Goin’ On!

Hi everypawdy!

So only three crew announcements today, but the important thing is that we back on a roll now that mama has got her act together.  Holy Roly Moly she been so darn SLOW!

Please welcome Aunt Julie, who is mama to Oscar and Grover (we still gots to get them on the crew, I mean really Aunt Julie!)  She going to help mama with administration along with mama to Bean Bunny and Sweetums.  This will help a lot, because when you send in posts to me for website, Aunt Julie knows how to put them up too!  And mama and Aunt Julie both focusing on applications.  So now we will go super duper fast through all the ones we gots left.

I drawed a picture of Aunt Julie so you all know what she looks like.

Aunt Julie

Please meet our new crew members and expect more tomorrow!

Finneas Fuzzbutt the First, Director of Health Services


Jack, Electronics Engineer Flight Systems Integration





  1. Hi Commander Bits, lt is your mate Jessicat, Dish technology from Strata, l think me have said my old step sister Xena Princess “Worrier” never got idz for bitty space , she very sad. Maybe me have to sneak on computer and do nother aplicashon, for hers. Jessicat

    1. Cuz mama is ridiculously pokey! But Aunt Julie is on the job, so we get a whole bunch done. She determined to catch mama up. (Hi Aunt Marg!!!!!!!), Love Timmy xo

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