Andrew Goes for a Test Stroll

Commander and Crew,

Me meowmy say to warm for Space Slave dog Kory to goez for Space Stroller walk. Him my friend and me know him go for walk. Me ink me meowmy gotz on you message cancel me space stroller. Her sayz you mama said no catio todayz at mission control. Mez wif her when her got on that report book mez seez you all on. Her goez hey ook they goez in catio. Mez pin me ears back. Mez guilt her into Space Stroller Training wif the Space Slave dog. Mez win yanks to youz. The Man in the box waz wite coolz off after the noon. Herez iz me training in me Space Stroller wif my Space Slave dog Kory. Him did goodz no bad

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