Andrew & Space Slave Dog Back in Business!

Hay chrew,

Me here. It is guna be cooler here and meowmy said me get to get outside wif Space Slave dog. Her say we go in Space stroller marrow afeer work. Me don’t no whats dat is. Mez super excited. Me hope no mokey because Space Slave dog heart problemz would make me no ride. Meowmy sayz man name Andy on that box that makez noizes and haz pictures on it said mokey can comez over us morrow. Slave Space dog haz him medicine cutz back so wez can pend timez outside. Him thinkz him going to Space. Me not telling him a dog and him not awauld. Me put youz a picture of Space Slave dog. Mez say I ask Commander Bits if him can be Space guard dog. Bad thing him no a good guard dog. Meowmy say not him fault. Him breed is fault. Him is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. No Timbits him not related to Charlie. Meowmy said him come from Royalty. Me say only Bean Royal. Me no bowing me no like harness.

Andrew and Kory

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