Do the Jack dance!

I’z just so accited to be ascepted to the Bitty Space Program. I danced all over the couch! I am workin on lectronic experiments. I figur we must have BIG satlite TV so we can watch Tiny Kittens and Shewwy. We all luv Shewwy. My Gram-Meowy says we can bring a drone out in space so we can ride it. What do you think bout dat, Commander Timbit?

Gram-Meowmy made sure I in top shape for launch. She tookas me to v-e-t last week for yucky shots. I don’t have tiny tape worm any more. Shewwy will be happy. V-e-t wants me to loose 2 lbs. but I still fits in space suit.

I looks forward to meeting all the crew members. I work hard on experiments.


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