Andrew’s Staycation

Commander and Crew.

My meowmy is going to leave us for 5 sleeps on a day called Thursday. Her said that she is going to a place called California. Iz wonder if her is going in a rocket ship. Me asked if Iz can go since Iz in space program. Her said she was going on a jet to Los Angeles. I know angels are there and I can do work there because Iz an angel. Her told me my furless grandma was going to stay wif us. Wez all staying home. My slave dog was going to go to that place called V E T but meowmy is going to let me babysit him. He is 5 years older then me but he is a doggie. Meowmy took him to that place today. That is were her works so wez can get stuff.  He had his blood taken. I don’t know why anyone would want doggie blood.  Meowmy said hez test came back normal. Man that place givez doggie test to pass too. He is ok to get back to work wif me when her getz home. I told my meowmy herz got to stay helfy on herz jet ride like wez in the space ship. I also told her to take this other stuff so herz don’t get hairballs while herz is gone. So Slave dog and mez get back to work when herz getz home.


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