Herpetology – It’s a THING!

Dear Commander Timbit

Thank you for your email, ai apologise for the delay in replying. Ai would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share mai training and experience with your crew. It’s a sad fact that many people reject candidates of my age and colour so ai am very pleased that you have shown such inclusiveness in your recruiting campaign.

Ai am very excited to be designated as an Advance Team Explorer and feel that my specialities are well suited to this role. As you can see from the photos ai have been diligently honing my herpetology skills recently, although mai Mama was not impressed with the frog I brought into her bedroom. Ai don’t know why, it was a very good specimen and very healthy, it avoided her pursuit for some time. Ai think she may be having second thoughts about having the nice ProtectaPet men come and put up the fencing so ai can go in and out as ai please.

Kind regards
Plum Harper
Mission Crew, Advance Team Explorer
ID #0066

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