Judy and the Dreaded X-Rays

Dear Commander Bits,

It’s Judy! I haven’t gotten many updates in because i had to go to the V-E-T. They held me and stuck things up my bum! Then took me into a room and took an “Ex ray”. Human spawn says that they found Broccoli-tis or something and a “mass” in my lungs. She keeps on holding me and telling me everything is ok. She also says that my “gagging” is actually a cough I have had due to the Broccoli-tis thing. Human spawn is worried I have the “cancers” from the Ex-ray pictures, but V-E-T is gonna give me medicine and see if that makes me better and makes the thing in my lung go away. I wonder what it looks like? I wasn’t allowed to see the “Ex-ray”. Human spawn says I should focus on relaxing and resting because I could be really sick, she being very silly. Luna on the other hand still gives me a hassle, but let me help her with Solar Experiments the other day. Now I go take nap.
Hope you don’t get the “Ex-rays” any time soon
-Judy, Alien Intimidation Expert
(Dear Judy – I hopes you feeling good and all is ok!  Definitely we believe in taking time off if needed so you can get all betters before space.  xoxo Commander Timbit)
To learn more about Judy, check out her bio!

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