Commander Timbit

Bitty Space Program Update

Dear dreamers, explorers, adventurers and also human people,

It has been brought to my attention that an update on the activities of the Bitty Space Crew is needed in order to satisfy our sponsors.

Commander Timbit

We are in deep preparation for next test launch. Myself and Momo are working on fortifying spaceship so we don’t crash again (also if we crash maybe we do it a bit less loud so as not to panic meowmies). Someone suggested we should try to re-enter atmosphere and land in centre court Wimbledon, which would be a very triumphant return and big surprise for humans all around the world! We are looking into coordinates with the help of our mathematically inclined Larry.

Lucy and Puck are helping to Scout out an appropriate launch pad because they haven’t been banned from stairways and other appropriately high launchpads in their house like some people (hmph). Bean Bunny and Sweetums are working on developing prototype for space suits (complete with handy cookie carrying helmets).

Oh and Bean isn’t doing too much of anything ‘cept napping and being all princess-like. Me and Mo developing a plan to whip her fuzzy bum into shape prior to test launch.

Also we think Beezus may have potential as future space cadet.

Before launch day we are hoping to have a big announcement from all of us for you. Stay tuned!

Signed Commander Timbit and the Bitty Space Crew

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