Letter to Lucy and Puck, re: Space Program

Hi Luuuuuuuleeeeee and Pucklemeister! Hi it’s spring! It’s sunny and stuff. And there are loads of things to look at outside – we trying to get one of the birdies to fly a message to you but they not very attentive. No wonder outside cats hunt them down cuz those birdies are not so smart.

We getting ready for next phase of Bitty Space Program – Commander Timbit will have all the crew and jobs sorted in next few days. Bean Bunny and Sweetums have also joined the space crew and Sweetums is in charge of getting our special space suits ready. We know Pucky is working still on launch site, and spaceship is progressing. Mo has been working on math calculations so we don’t crash. And of course, Princess Bean is mostly sleeping. Maybe she be our scientific experiment on the effects of space travel on lazy bums. 🙂 

We hope you guys are good. Remember when we used to go glamping in the trailer behind the Shelly house? Good times!

Love you and miss you,

Bits, Lar, Momo and Bean xoxoxoxoxo

PS – We’re very glad to see you are considering options for transport to the spaceship.  Boxes are an excellent choice.

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