Fiona Tail Catcher Extraordinaire!

To Commander Timbit, fiercest of all commanders,

Thank you for accepting me into the Bitty Space Program! I has been hard at work making sure my humans are clean while educating them on the proper way to baff themselves. They are a bit slow, but they will catch on. Until then I will continue their education. I also hope to have an update on my proposed hygiene program to provide you in the near future but until then I have convinced my meowmy to attach my most successful tail catching for you instead. As you can see, I am even good enough to give it a baff. Never mind meowmy says that a milly-second doesn’t count. I don’t know what that is so it doesn’t matter. I still baffed it!

Yours en-tuna-lly,

To learn more about Fiona, check out her bio!


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