Ginger Meggs, Security – Crushing in More Ways than One

Hi Team and Princess Bean……sigh💖

I be’d practicing my safety pawsition in case of problems. I also enclosed pitcher of my Hairdo. My swirlz is cute hey? Sheldon’s floof may be exceptional, but my swirls iz epic don’t you think Miss Bean? (Sigh💗) I bigger too, 9.5 kg, I can protecks you da best. Dats why I’m da bouncer and greeter.

Keep up the practice guys. 😽🇦🇺



(Edit from Princess Bean:  Dear Ginger Meggs, you very big!  I only half as big!  I probably need good security detail, being a princess and all that stuff, and you probably strong and good protector.  Plus, you have great swirly hair.  I don’t have swirlies, but I do have heart on my lip!  xo  Bean)

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