Fuzzy ‘Fun’ Raiser 2018!!!!!!!

Let’s blow TK and Shelley away with a little fun-raising!  Come play with us!

Click here if you’d prefer the pdf.

Click here if you’d like to read it in Microsoft Office (powerpoint).


    1. That is absolutely a deal. If you want to zip us a photo of the newbie, name and the colour you want, we’ll get that one done right away. We love foster fails – there’s nothing better than falling in love with a little troublemaker and not being able to let it go (totally get it).

  1. Ms Nellie Bean , I sent your mommy a post on Facebook messanger for the contest .. tell Meowmy to look please, thank you

  2. Nellie Bean, I sent your mommy a message on Facebook messanger for your contest, ask Mommy to look there please..

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