Important Mission Revealed!

Hi everybody!

Dis me, Commander Timbit, with important news about Bitty Space Program.  I was watching the television with mama when I learned that yesterday some astronauts crash-landed on takeoff from a place called Catzakhstan.  I remember that crashing hurt, so I feel bads for them. We not gonna do that again.

But then my favourite hero Commander Chris Hadfield was on the TV, and he was talking about the dudes who are up on ISS, and he says they are stuck there!  Floating in space indefinitely until Russians fix their space ship, cuz right now there’s is only space ship that can dock to ISS is the Soyuz thing.

Well that is a challenge if I ever heard one!  I think Commander Hadfield was telling me that we need to prepare ship for rescue mission!

Me with Momo are going to talk about making some alterations in current space ship so all of us can go up there and rescue them.  We be heroes!  We gots to be stealth though – sneaky – so human people don’t get feelings hurt that they couldn’t figure out how to save the day when we smartest kittens can.

Ok, all agree?

Meanwhiles, we need a name for spaceship.  We decide we will let anybody post comments with name ideas.  Then we will pick favourites and have vote.  Good?  Post here or on Fuzzybum page.

We going to be very busy if mama gets her act together.  We have still applications to finish, cuz we can’t go with half crew, and then we needs to fix up ship.

So, all crew members, today we go to Defcon 4.  Please prepare and be alert for further orders.

Commander Timbit

PS – Picture is of me practicing driving capsule safely back to earth.  Trying my small space seat.

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  1. I think the spaceship should be called Felinenomenal 1 – like in phenomenal but for cats! That would be pawesome!

    Lets wish the guys in the ISS the best and hope someone can get up there to help them soon.

  2. Chewie and Princess is standing by. Princess is practicing her flying we will post on Fuzzy Bums page so you can appreciate her skillz

  3. Luna here, Judy is still on sick-leave, hoping she gets to see the V-E-T within the month, and I am glad its not me! I been practicing manual solar panel charging by massive zoomies.

  4. Spock and Amelia also standing by. Right now we have excellent launch conditions here on Camano Island, WA. Amelia practices scrunching up in tight dark spots every night, and gives Spock lots of reasons to practice his diplomacy skills. We think the spaceship should be called Bitty 1 (and then newer and better versions can be numbered successively.) Hoping the ISS crew has lots of gushies and cookies in storage to keep them going until they are rescued!

    1. Our Meowmy is going to see a movie today that’s about humans going to the moon. We’ve asked her to watch for tips, though it’s doubtful we can learn much from humans.

  5. iz Doe~ai haz been resting up for sumfink as speshul az dis~if not needed, ai will joinz Lily L and be cheerleader too!!

  6. Isabella here. Ready to test all methods of Human Propulsion, like laying on the top stair at night, and weaving through Mommy’s feet, when she’s rushing to the powder room first thing in the morning! Lots of free energy there to save on rocket fuel! Iz thinkin of names for da ship – I have to thinkin more.

  7. Biscuit here. While I waitz for ‘signment, I volateer new li’l brudder Georgie as passager on test flite. He be good subject….will ‘noy spaceship into workingz……has new teef, can chew on anyzing dat need fixing.

  8. My Dear Commander:

    I stand ready to supervise this critical rescue mission.

    Since I will be unable to employ my usual method of running across your faces to wake you in the morning, I will begin each day by playing Cmdr Hadfield’s cover of “Space Oddity” ( in honor of your hero.

    The human loves Star Trek, so in keeping with the naming protocols of the Happy Forest, she suggests we call the ship Enterpurrise. She says my suggested name, which celebrates the fierce and brave history of our species, is “too long”: “She-who-slays-dragonflies-in-the-laundry-room-at-three-a.m.”

    The human is not too bright, but I can’t reach the kibble on my own.


  9. Mitzi and Luna here and were ready and have been practising our duties. Let’s name our catship Caterprise, like the Starfleet Enterprise!

  10. Flight attendant Bobbi is ready to go. If she can get mommy through Hurricane Michael in Tallahassee, FL, she can go or do anything.

  11. Riska is ready to go. Hanna asks if there will be photographers. Saratoga wants everybody to know that the accident would never have happened on her watch because explosions are NOT SAFE.

    I made myself laugh by imagining a Timmy Ho-themed rocket called the Maple Dip, but I am all the way behind Enterpurrise.

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