Space Sharks Beware!

I make mama get me a box and I make it a boat so I can practice.  The paper is pretend sharks so I can practice bitings.   Mama is going to get me real sharks and maybe the scuba costume so I can really practice. I no like being wet, so it sound like good idea.   (Tho mama not sure she can “dress” me.  I is not sure what “dress” means but you say ok, so it got to be ok!)

mama also said to tell you dat she show my space program ID to her students and now they want to apply too.   Mama tell stories about students.  I not sure they smart enuf to be in the space program.

When mama gets a video of me practicing, she will send!


search and rescue director Ella

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(Dear Ella – our meowmy boughted us a shark bed!  Here is a picture of Larry playing with it, cuz he no fits!  You need one of these to practice with!)



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