Whole Lotta Rosie

Howdy Commander Timbit,

Thank you for accepting me into the Bitty Space Program. I am so excited to be
going to travel to the moon.

I have been practicing my communication skills so I can talk to the cats that live on the moon. I have also been working on my climbing to great heights but I have explored all the high places in my house. I have been taking care of my meowmy, along with my furless sister Cindy, because she needs hip surgery and can only walk with the funny walker thing. I sit on the seat and direct her how to go without running over things and I give her lots of cuddles. She going to have the hip surgery  on August 27th and then she will be able to walk again and I will be ready for my flight to the moon.

I can’t wait for us to launch!

Thank you again Rosie

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