Sustainable decorating resources in space!

Greetings from Itty Bitty Groovy Kitty, Commander!

I wuz just laying on mamaz pillow in the sun, nah… I wuz really just decorating it with my furz!  I started to thinks about an article mamaz read about hoomins who knit stuffs out of cat furz… and the idea struck me!

We will probably have limited space for extraz on the space ship, like bolts of material and ribbonz and such, since we needs most of the room for fuds and cookies!  Sooo, I came up with the ideaz that I can use cat furz from all the kittehs on the ship to make stuffs!  With all the pretty kittehs in the crew, and all the shedded (and barfed up…) furz, I can knit lots of decorations!  Pretty curtainz to climb, decorative throws, even a sweater for Patrick!  Sustainable decorating resources in space!  I will pack some knitting needlez immediately.

Itty Bitty Groovy Kitty

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