Little Sisters: Aka, Fi Loves Timmy

Dear Commander and Crew,

We have been very busy tuning our Bitty Spaceship skills. I have been choosing the very best pieces of kibble and treats and leaving the rest, and Dublin has been taking apart anything new that comes into the house.  There have been so many amazing additions to the crew that sometimes we have to remind Mama to read the new ones first, then she gets to try the crew puzzles.  She thinks those things are the cat’s meow


BTW, here’s little sis Fionna crushing on you, Commander, as you showcase your awesome catio. It’s an envy-worthy space. Mama says “one day” we can have one too, but she says that a lot about other stuff…  FionaBabySis

Signing off (Mama’s watching “Apollo 13” and she says it’s a little nerve-wracking even though it’s old news),

Alfie Parker
Oh,please thank the rest of the Fuzzy Bums, and especially your Mama and Meowmy for creating such a positive space.  It seems to be a very concerning time here and Mama allows herself some Fuzzy Bums time to just breathe (which sounds silly ’cause that’s just something we naturally do).

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