The Parker Brothers Share their News!

Dear Commander,

On behalf of the Parker Clan, we thank you for the great honor of finding a place for the two of us in your esteemed crew.  Although nine years separate us, we are happy to be able to do this together – boyz to boyz as Mama always says (*Note: I appreciate having different assignments as there is only so much time little-brother-following I can handled – Alfie).

Here’s a few pictures (Mama’s a nut about taking our photos) of us when we found out our applications were successful, when we told Papa in our man cave, another of Dublin getting used to tight spaces, and others when we bragged – um told – our new sister that she was too little.  As you can see, she tried to prove she was ready for high assignments, but *snicker*, she gots in trouble being on the table.  She says that because she is “just like Momo” – um, not – that there might be an exception for her.  We just laughed and she got mad and then chased us around the house.

Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful news, and thank your Meowmy for us too as we know she is working so very hard to help get the crew apps sorted.

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